Academic enrichment

Beyond A-Levels

At d’Overbroeck’s, we like to go above and beyond in everything we do; but most importantly when it comes to the education we offer in our Sixth Form. We believe in equipping all our students with the skills, ideas and attitudes required to succeed in life. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer a comprehensive set of opportunities to help our students be the very best they can be and achieve their academic ambitions.


We know that choosing which subject to study at degree level is one of the most important academic decisions you will ever make. And that it can sometimes be confusing to know exactly how to realise your university ambitions whilst studying your A-Levels.


If you want to attend a top university, you’ll definitely need to demonstrate that you’re high-performing in your areas of academic interest. But to really stand out you’ll also need to evidence ‘super-curricular’ involvement, which means showing universities that you’re genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about your subject.


Sounds challenging? Well, we love a challenge, which is why we took the initiative to develop a number of inspiring bespoke programmes to sit alongside some of the more well-known academic enrichment opportunities.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a nationally-recognised qualification that involves undertaking an independent research project. If you choose to take an EPQ, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a unique and self-directed project in addition to studying for your three main A levels.

You will:

  • Choose your own topic – this can be anything that interests you. Each year we’re amazed by the incredible range of topics, from women’s rights and gender through to Medicine and theatre
  • Pursue your research through a combination of academic reading, completion of online courses, attendance at lectures, interviews with experts, questionnaires and relevant work experience
  • Learn new skills, such as independent research, project management, footnote and bibliography construction and multimedia presentation technique
  • Receive support from weekly timetabled classes, a series of Year 12 skills talks and an individually assigned project supervisor

There are lots of reasons to study an EPQ and it is suitable for students studying any A level combination. Some of the great benefits of studying the EPQ are that it:

  • Can reduce entry requirements to many university courses
  • Provides you with great material for your interviews and personal statement
  • Gives you a genuine opportunity to engage in high level research or to plan and produce a creative product, all in a supportive environment

You can start studying your EPQ in your Lower Sixth year and would usually complete it by the end of the Spring term.

'Think' programme

‘Think’ is a collection of bespoke academic enrichment programmes. It gives our GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level students the opportunity to build their thinking skills and develop their academic interests so they can achieve their ambitions in the Sixth Form, at university and beyond.