The Architecture & Design A-level course offers students an interdisciplinary exploration of spatial elements and the built environment, catering to those interested in architecture, design, set-design, and related art forms. Through critical inquiry and collaborative engagement, students will develop a specialised portfolio while enhancing their critical thinking, contextual understanding, and creative language in alignment with social, political, and environmental considerations, celebrating diversity within the school community.
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The Architecture & Design A-level course offers students the opportunity to explore spatial elements, the built environment and the world around them through a cross-disciplinary approach. Spanning both architectural and artistic practices, the course is aimed at students interested in the fields of architecture, three-dimensional design, set-design, and those drawn to architecture-inspired art forms. The course will provide them with an inquisitive, collaborative space, where aesthetics are placed alongside social, political and environmental enquiry, celebrating our school’s geographical and cultural diversity. Students will develop their critical thinking skills, contextual understanding and their own spatial and creative language towards a specialised portfolio of work in their area of interest. 

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The course follows a similar structure and assessments to all A-level Art & Design courses, exploring ways of recording, developing, contextualising and realising ideas and intentions, within an architectural and artistic context.

The course will allow students to:

· Develop a specialised architectural portfolio within a multi-disciplinary making environment.

· Develop a wide range of technical and creative skills to investigate and explore architectural form and space, such as drawing, mapping, model-making, rendering, mixed media, sculpture and digital tools, amongst others.

· Develop social, political, historical, environmental, geographical and cultural understanding of the world around us – how we impact our environment and how it impacts us.

· Develop confidence in presenting ideas, discussing views, thinking critically and reflecting as a studio methodology.

· Collaborate with leading architectural firms, model-making studios, as well as local and national artists with related practices.

· Develop an understanding of career pathways withing their chosen industry sector.

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UK students will be expected to have undertaken Art GCSE and be predicted Grade 7 or above. International students, or those taking an alternative to GCSEs will be assessed on their portfolio.

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Who teaches Architecture & Design?

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Kamar Finn
Head of Art
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Kamar Finn

Kamar Finn studied Architectural Design at the University of Tel Aviv (BScEd, Summa Cum Laude) followed by 3 years of working in the industry across interior design, urban lighting and teaching undergraduates in New York City and Tel Aviv. After moving to the UK, she focused on her teaching career, and went on to study MA Fine Art in Bristol, merging her architectural background with her own art practice. Kamar has been teaching at d’Overbroeck’s since 2020, as the Head of Art for the International School, and is currently undertaking an art practice-based PhD, focusing on miniature architectural spaces.

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