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Welcome to the d’Overbroeck’s family! Celebrated by students, parents, and the Independent School Inspectorate, our progressive and relaxed atmosphere make our school a truly special place to be. On this page, you’ll find lots of useful information – covering everything from co-curricular activities to key dates – to ensure your child flourishes here. 

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Keep track of key term, holiday, and event dates with our 2024-25 calendar. 




Our students are always learning. Outside of lessons, your child will embrace their passions on life-changing trips, through a myriad of co-curricular activities, and by immersing themselves in our exclusive global collaborations. 
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Sport is for everyone at d’Overbroeck’s. Alongside traditional activities like football, basketball, cricket, and tennis, we also offer something a bit different, including yoga and ice-hockey. This gives everyone the chance to get active, showcase their skills, and boost their physical and mental health. 
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The arts 
Aspiring artists thrive in our ultra-modern Arts Centre, which is home to university-standard spaces and facilities. From fine art to photography, sculpting to textiles, our young creatives have the freedom, time, and inspiration they need to express their artistic flair. 
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Trips and expeditions 
Immersive day and overnight experiences bring learning to life in thrilling ways. Whether it’s summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, embarking on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure in Switzerland, or monitoring the financial markets on Wall Street, New York, our trips build confidence and instil a lifelong love of new discoveries. 
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Nord Anglia collaborations 
Exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School and MIT make our school a truly unique place to learn. While MIT’s inventors teach our students how to use ‘design thinking’ to solve STEAM problems and challenges, Juilliard’s artists show them original ways to express their creativity through music, drama, and dance. 
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Student leadership 
Demonstrating confidence, determination, and ingenuity, our students take the lead and implement tangible change. From proactively supporting local charities to debating pressing global issues, our gifted young leaders work together to solve problems and make life better for their peers, our community, and people across the world. 
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Our parents are an integral part of our community. You’ll connect with fellow d’Overbroeck’s families through our parent portal, which is a safe space to find the information you need and create lasting friendships. Our open-door policy gives you easy access to your child’s teachers and our leadership team, too. We’ll also invite you in for regular concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions
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Everything you need to know about life at d’Overbroeck’s, in one place. 
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Our arts magazine
Keep up with our talented students’ artistic endeavours through our regular magazine, The Canvas. 
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House system

Students in Years 7-11 and at The International School are allocated one of three Houses - Austin, Cooper, or Morris - which are named after Mini vehicles. Your child will take part in a variety of competitions throughout the year - and accumulate merit points - in pursuit of the House Cup. 

School bus
We run three bus routes specifically for d’Overbroeck’s students coming in from difficult to reach parts of Oxfordshire. Oxford itself has an excellent public transport system. 
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School uniform

We prioritise comfort over formality when it comes to our Years 7-11 and The International School uniforms. Our Sixth Form students don’t wear a uniform; however, they do wear our branded sports kit for training and competitions. All uniform and kit is available from Blue Blood Sports


  • What curricula do you teach?   
    We teach the English National Curriculum on all three of our campuses. In Years 7-11, students study for their GCSEs, while at Sixth Form, learners follow our A-level curriculum. At The International School, we offer a choice of five programmes, which have been carefully curated to meet the individual needs, entry points, and backgrounds of our overseas students.  
  • What foreign languages do you offer?   
    We teach French, Spanish, and Latin in Years 7-11. At The International School, we offer French and Spanish, as well as a comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. And in Sixth Form, we teach Classical Greek, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. 
  • What size are your classes? 
    Our class sizes vary by age group and school site. Typically, however, your child will learn in small classes with a maximum of 15 students. Across our campuses, our average teacher-student ratio is 1 to 7. 
  • Which universities do your students go to? 
    Many of our graduates continue their education at the UK’s best universities, including University College London, Oxford, and the London School of Economics. With the expert guidance of our Higher Education and Careers Team, students with specialist talents – including in the performing and fine arts – discover their own pathways to excellence, too.  
  • Do your students wear a uniform? 
    No, they don’t. We embrace informality at d’Overbroeck’s, which means your child can wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in. 



At d’Overbroeck’s, your child will enjoy an outstanding education that embraces their unique talents – and empowers them to excel academically. 

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