The International School in Oxford

A word from Ted McGrath, Head of The International School

We are a small International School community with over 90 students joining us from all over the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of education we provide, not just in terms of our excellent teaching and outstanding exam results, but in the care we take of our students pastorally.

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A diverse international school community in Oxford, UK

Our ethos is what makes us different from other independent schools. We work with each individual student to help them meet their potential. We believe in leading by example, in a flexible approach to learning and in the idea that students learn best when they are happy.

At d'Overbroeck's, we provide an environment which gives students the space to be themselves as well as the encouragement and stimulus to grow, learn and achieve their ambitions. We achieve this through an ethos which is firmly built on personal relationships – we believe that every individual is at the heart of our school, and this means staff and students are on first-name terms as a sign of mutual respect. We find this creates a vibrant atmosphere full of energy, fun and laughter, where our students can thrive as individuals and can all achieve their full potential.
Every year, our students continue to make excellent academic progress and achieve outstanding results. Crucially however, academic excellence isn't our only measure of success. We believe that students should benefit from a broad and enjoyable education; one that encourages them to pursue their passions, recognises achievement and that inspires a lifelong love of learning.
Forward thinking
Our academic curriculum and co-curricular activities prepare our students for their future in a rapidly changing world. We help our students to adapt to global citizenship and technological change, and to develop key skills such as leadership and communication.
Fun and laughter
We believe that happiness and laughter bring education to life and we strive to bring this into the classroom every day. Our students thrive on this approach and it makes for a very enjoyable learning experience for all.

“I really like the way of teaching here as there is more focus on individuals rather than teaching everyone in the same way. I started studying here in Year 10 and my grades have improved a lot since I joined."

Nikol, Kazakhstan

Latest IGCSE results

We’re really proud of the results our students achieve when they study with us at The International School. Our results are well above the national average, which is a testament to our wide range of staff expertise and the excellent teaching we deliver.

In 2021, 47% of IGCSE entries were awarded grades 9-8.

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IGCSE courses

We know it doesn’t always suit everyone to study the traditional 2-year IGCSE course that most of our students study. So we’ve made sure we’re as flexible as possible to meet your needs by offering 4 other study options at IGCSE level. Find out more about our full range of courses below:

  • UK Study Abroad
  • The Discovery Years
  • 4 or 5-term IGCSE
  • One-Year IGCSE
  • Two-Year IGCSE
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It’s all in the numbers

Our numbers speak for themselves when it comes to our students’ academic ability, our diverse range of nationalities and students who choose to continue their academic journey in the d’Overbroeck’s community by progressing to our own Sixth Form.

1 47
% of IGCSE entries were awarded grades 9-8 in 2021
1 19
diverse nationalities make up our International School community
1 50
% of students progressed on to d'Overbroeck's Sixth Form last year

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International Summer School

d’Overbroeck’s have run a popular summer programme for international students for many years in partnership with Bucksmore Education. The Bucksmore Young Professionals course is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the new d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form and boarding facilities. It is also ideal for students wanting to experience life at d’Overbroeck’s and in Oxford before studying at the school full time.

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