The Super-curricular programme at d’Overbroeck’s is a specially developed and vibrant academic enrichment programme for students seeking to explore their interests in greater depth outside the confines of their regular studies. At The International School, this includes TRACK, Higher Project Qualification (HPQ), and Wider Learning Days.

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Theory of Research, Active Citizenship and Knowledge (TRACK) programme.

Developed in-house and exclusive to d’Overbroeck’s International School, our TRACK programme supports students to develop a global mindset. It also equips them with the key skills they need to excel in their IGCSE, A-Level and higher education studies.

The programme is made up of three key modules:
  • Theory Of Research - Students learn how to conduct effective research, analyse academic sources and think critically.
  • Active Citizenship - Developing students as global citizens who really care about the world around them, this module is mainly project-based and allows students to support their local community in their home country and in Oxford. In recent years, one of these projects involved a reverse advent calendar – a donation of presents to an Oxford homeless shelter.
  • Knowledge - Students learn how to critically examine different sources of knowledge and how this impacts shared experience and different cultural perspectives.
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Available as an additional qualification for students to study as part of our 4 or 5-term, One or Two-Year IGCSE courses, the Level 2 HPQ is recognised as the equivalent of a full GCSE qualification. The HPQ requires students to study a topic area which expands their learning in an appropriate area of study. This helps them to develop key skills required for success at A-Level, in the IB Diploma and at university, such as:
  • Independent study
  • Critical thinking
  • Academic research
  • Active learning
  • IT literacy Some of our students’ recent HPQ projects include NASA’s colonisation of space and artificial intelligence in medical care.
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Our Wider Learning Days are a great way for students to develop their teamwork, research and presentation skills through group project work. Students take part in project challenges with pupils from other classes with whom they don’t usually work, responding to a brief by problem-solving and presenting their strategic thinking. Some recent Wider Learning Day projects have included designing a two-week package holiday and writing and dramatising a letter from a World War I soldier.

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Whilst our courses are academically demanding, our teachers are always on hand to support students with their studies. Academic support is available in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Each week we offer clinics for every subject we teach, enabling students to ask questions and get help on any areas they are struggling with.

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Students who might not meet our entry requirements may be able to join our pre-sessional course over the summer prior to the start of term. The course includes additional support for students to help improve their English proficiency and study skills.

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The International School provides the perfect introduction to British education, offering unparalleled choice, the highest standards, and exceptional English language support.

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