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EAL is a pivotal part of our curriculum at The International School. At d’Overbroeck’s, we appreciate that the purpose of EAL is not only to prepare students to take an English language qualification; rather it also plays a crucial role in supporting students in all their mainstream subjects across the school when English is not their mother tongue.

All international students for whom English is not their first language have their English language level assessed prior to being offered a place. The school uses the Password tests to aid admission. All students are also tested on arrival using appropriate testing materials for their entry point. This test data is then used to inform setting. In the International School the EAL support is integrated into the 9i-11i curriculum.

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The Discovery Years programme consists of 4 different lesson types (Trinity, Language, Reading, Skills) that aim at developing students’ language skills and skills they need to be successful global citizens and leaders. Depending on students’ level of English, 9i students will take either Level 1 or Level II Trinity exam in the summer term.

Students joining our One and Two Year IGCSE courses are enrolled onto either Second Language IGCSE or English GCSE, depending on native language and language abilities. Our 10i students follow a specially devised curriculum which covers exam preparations as well as Academic Skills lessons and Reading lessons. Exam classes follow a topic-based syllabus with grammar and lexis integrated within it. The highest ability English set(s) also complete their GCSE English Language alongside their IGCSE English Second Language preparation.

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Additionally, in year 11 one lesson a week is dedicated to reading literature. 11i students learn to critically evaluate and analyse a range of texts from Shakespeare to modern texts of the 21st century. The highest ability 11i English set(s) complete GCSE English Language and Literature. At The International School, students are also offered English clinics and language clubs to build on their language proficiency. As of Sept 2022, The EAL provision includes the “Wider Reading Programme,” led and managed by the EAL Department. Students are encouraged to read at least one book per month and are advised which books to read for their level of English.

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The International School provides the perfect introduction to British education, offering unparalleled choice, the highest standards, and exceptional English language support.

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