Rosie Hayes
Rosie Hayes
27 March, 2023

d'Overbroeck's History of Art students enjoy fascinating trip to Venice


Our students at the Sixth Form studying A-Level History of Art recently experienced a trip to Venice. From Byzantine architecture to mosaics, Venice is an Italian gem packed with history.

Here are some reports about the trip from two of the students, Weronika and Pia, who attended:

Weronika, Upper Sixth Student This was my first school trip abroad and I couldn’t have been more impressed and inspired, not only by the whole experience, but my desire to further my studies in Art History. After spending time with my wonderful and engaging teachers, Nick and Margaret, as well as with my friends who share the same passion for this subject as I do, not only did I get to fully immerse myself in the first-hand experience of the study of art, I gained a much deeper understanding of it. I found it not only very useful for my A-Level studies but also for future studies, as I am going to continue studying this subject at university.

Experiencing works of art that we have looked at in class in the actual context for which they were created really broadened our perspectives! We were always keen to analyse works in further depth and ask questions, knowing we would get brilliant explanations from our teachers, who were keen on discussing with us everything we wanted to know. We had the chance to see so much art and architecture, including, Giovanni Bellini’s San Zaccaria Altarpiece (one of my favorites) in situ, many works by Donatello in Padua (both of whom are our specified artists), the amazing Peggy Guggenheim collection which I adored, given my strong passion for modern art too. Other works we saw include Bellini’s San Giobbe Altarpiece and Frari Triptych along with many related works in the Accademia, a wide range of beautiful churches and basilicas, and so much more! I’m very grateful we had the chance to learn about the Venetian culture together while we were there too. I would like to thank my teachers and my peers for making this trip so special, useful, and inspiring. I feel much more connected to the study of Art History, I’ve certainly developed my skills, and made awesome memories!

Pia, Lower Sixth Student Venice was a beautiful and inspiring experience filled with culture. As a History of Art student soon to be learning about the Venetian renaissance I found it incredibly helpful! It has acted as a starting point, as it has helped me to grasp the key features of the time, such as the high levels of painted and sculpted details and the newly discovered oil techniques used in many of the works.

My favourite part of the trip was visiting all the churches that were scattered around Venice, I love how they were all so unique and was blown away by their beauty. St Antony’s Church (the Santo) in Padua was probably my most favourite, due to its many sublime features that took my breath away. Although the trip was very educational it was also really fun to experience Venice with my friends and get to enjoy the sights and delicious Italian food. All the teachers were full of information, especially Margaret who put so much into perspective for all of us and helped us develop a deep understanding of Venetian art. Overall I would say the trip was a perfect balance of education and fun.