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15 July, 2021

Introducing the d'Overbroeck's Arts Centre

We are delighted to announce that we're opening a brand new Arts Centre this September! This will see Art and Photography moving out of the Sixth Form and The International School. We have had a very good reputation for Art over the years, with many of our students going on to study at prestigious Art institutions after they leave us. Even with the move to our Sixth Form site nearly four years ago, the growing popularity of Art, Photography and Textiles has meant that we have become increasingly tight on space. Our new Arts Centre includes a variety of dedicated spaces fitted to a high specification. These include:
  • Textiles
  • Photography
  • Fine Art
  • Ceramics
  • 3D Art
  The vacated space at the Sixth Form and The International School will allow for more class and break-out space for students. We're all very excited about the project and the quality of what is being installed. Watch this space for further progress updates and photos over the coming weeks:

Week 1 - The visuals have arrived

We've received our first look at our new Arts Centre spaces and we can't wait to see it all come together! We're already imagining how we can decorate the rooms with our students' artwork and display their exciting work-in-progress.

Week 2 - The walls are in

This week we had our first glimpse of the site build. The contractors are all hard at work fitting the new walls, plastering, and preparing the spaces for decorating. The bespoke joinery is ready and waiting in the workshop and flooring is due to arrive next week! 

Week 3 - The rooms are taking shape

The joinery is here! This week the door frames, doors and window sills are being fitted, followed by some bespoke storage solutions to house all our Arts supplies and resources. The first fix of the electrics is also well underway and we had a peek at the new lighting that will be installed over the next few weeks. We've even started decorating! 

Week 4 - The fixtures and fittings are ready

It's time to fit the fixtures! This week, the windows are being fitted as well as the storage solutions designed by our Art Department. The floors are also being prepped for the flooring to be fitted on the upper level next week, and the decorating is well underway throughout. 

Week 5 - The flooring and lighting is being fitted

Let there be light! This week, the second fix of the electrics is underway and the first lights have been installed. The flooring on the upper level has now been fitted too, which means we can really start to visualise the new spaces. We can't wait to put our stamp on them! 

Week 6 - The workbenches are being prepped

There's a flurry of activity this week! From finishing the floors and lights to prepping the new workbenches and continuing with the decorating, there's plenty happening on site! 

Week 7 - The acoustics are being fitted

Our new Art spaces will be a lively hub for our talented artists, so the main event this week is fitting the acoustics. These white panels will contain the sound within the room, whilst still retaining the modern, industrial look and feel of the space. 

Week 8 - The furniture has arrived

It's finally time to start unpacking! This week, all our equipment, furniture, artwork and resources have come out of storage ready to find their new home in the Arts Centre. 

Week 9 - The unpacking is underway

It's not long now until the start of term, and the Art Department are busily preparing their new spaces ready to welcome back all our students on Monday!