Rosie Hayes
Rosie Hayes
29 June, 2022

Plus programme event shows students' passion for their academic subjects

The Plus Programme concluded the year with a celebration on Monday 27 June. For those reading about this programme for the first time, Plus is an academic enrichment opportunity at d'Overbroeck's that allows students to explore their favourite academic subjects in much greater depth than is in the standard curriculum alone. At the event, a few Lower Sixth students from each of the sixteen subjects presented a brief summary of their achievements through the year. The presentation styles ranged from verbal summaries to show-and-tell to live demonstrations, reflecting the wide range of activities in each subject. There were cross-subject connections, where students were led to use ideas and concepts from another subject to explain real-life situations, particularly in Geography, Economics, Management and Psychology. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="11583,11584,11585,11586,11587,11588"] Students representing History, Law and Politics stood out for their activism, and their desire to bring about a societal change. Classics, Philosophy and Literature were remarkable for the variety of topics explored and their abstract ideas. The sciences focussed on projects, with Computer Science students bringing a robot that could recognise the colour red, while in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, students had focussed on little projects throughout the year in which they learnt not only advanced ideas and concepts, but also important skills in communication and teamwork. The highlight of the day was the clapping demonstration of simple and complex rhythms by the Music students. It was an excellent opportunity for students to show off their enthusiasm for their subjects. To find out more about academic enrichment in the Sixth Form, please visit this page.