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15 March, 2021

EPQ week 2021

EPQ week is a highlight in our Sixth Form calendar, where our Upper Sixth students present the projects they have been researching as part of their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs). The event took place online this year, with over 70 Upper Sixth form students delivering presentations on a wide range of topics, from K-pop to quantum gravity. The presentations were grouped into themed Q&A panel discussions, ranging from Business and Economics to Art and Religion. We had a total online audience of 163 on Tuesday afternoon, 172 on Thursday morning and 199 on Thursday afternoon, with our Artificial Intelligence panel alone involving 40 participants.

2021 EPQ projects

Many of our Sixth Form students choose to study for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) alongside their A-Level subjects. This is a great opportunity for students to pursue a particular area of interest in more depth and it can also help when applying to university. Most projects focus on a written report in a particular academic area. However, in recent years we've also seen poems, novels, films, dance choreography and a musical composition submitted.

Tirion, UK

Project title: How do we prevent another COVID-19? "My EPQ focuses on different ways in which another pandemic crisis can be avoided." "I evaluate this by dividing the report into three different sections:
  •  the epidemic dangers associated with wildlife trade
  • how international travel can aid pandemic spread
  • how preparation and research of pandemics could help reduce the risk of another crisis happening"

Zofia, Poland

Project title: How can sound produce light? Towards a more comprehensive picture of light emission during single-bubble sonoluminescence (SBSL) "SBSL occurs when a bubble is acoustically trapped and periodically driven in a liquid at ultrasonic frequencies." "The bubble undergoes a series of expansions and contractions and, once per an acoustic cycle, a single flash of light is emitted. To the observer, however, it appears that the bubble is continuously glowing. I found this mystery of ‘the glowing bubble’ particularly interesting and decided to research it for my EPQ."

Kevin, UK

Project title: The Economic Implications of Human Memory "My project explores the strategies used by global brands to influence our consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. It dives into the power of picture memory and why the colour red is so important for the food industry." Well done to all our students who took part in EPQ week this year!