Sixth Form progression

As with the lower years, the Sixth Form is characterised by a strong rapport between students and staff, a focus on the individual and a determination to bring out the potential in every student. Class sizes are even smaller in the Sixth Form with a maximum of 11 students in each lesson.

A smooth transition to Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is on a separate site in north Oxford and this means we are able to offer our students more independence compared to their time in Years 7-11. In the spirit of our non-traditional approach, Sixth Form students

  • don’t wear a uniform
  • don’t have registration or attend morning assembly
  • don’t always have to be on site.


We believe this independence is essential to prepare them for their next step after A-Levels. We find that by the time they progress to the Sixth Form, our students are eager and ready to grasp the greater responsibility and independence they are given.

We aim to make the transition of from Years 7-11 to the Sixth Form as smooth as possible. While it is an exciting ‘step-up’ for students, our ethos stays the same. Students will already be familiar with some of the teachers and students in the Sixth form from participating in school productions, extra-curricular activities or school trips. In Year 11, students will also spend some time in Sixth Form lessons in order to manage expectations and to get them excited about their next challenge!

Outstanding progress at A-Level

Did you know? We’ve been recognised as the top school in Oxfordshire for progress at A-Level since 2018. This means that we offer exceptional added value for all our students, who perform better on average at d’Overbroeck’s than they would have studying at a different school.

And our results speak for themselves. In 2022, our A-Level results reflected the amazing achievements of all our students.

A-Level Results

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