The Academic Journey in Years 7-11

The curriculum

With a strong focus on high achievement and the aspiration to consistently produce outstanding GCSE results, we tailor our curriculum to the needs of our students to enable every student to reach their potential.

We want our students to develop their passions and express their ideas, so our curriculum covers the full range of subjects in the sciences, humanities, arts and modern languages. It also includes music, drama and sport, both as curriculum subjects and as extracurricular activities.

Students continue to develop year-on-year

Year 7
Setting the foundation for a love of learning and future success
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Year 8
Developing learning skills with a broad curriculum
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Year 9
Creating the foundation for success at GCSE and beyond
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Years 10-11
A strong focus on high achievement and the aspiration to consistently produce outstanding GCSE results
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Sixth Form (A-Level)
The perfect transition to university and beyond
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Our teaching style

Central to our teaching approach is a focus on the individual. Every student is different and needs to understand the way they learn to be as successful as they can be. Up to GCSE, our maximum class size is usually 15 and classes are often smaller than this. Consequently, we know each student very well and can engage with and respond to them as individuals in every lesson.

Informal and engaging

Whether this involves placing human coordinates on a chalk grid on the playground, shooting rockets into the air or creating modern adaptations of classic texts, our teachers and students work together to bring topics to life. Teachers are able and willing to respond to sparks of interest as they occur within their schemes of work so that students remain engaged in a subject that seems relevant and exciting.

High expectations

At d’Overbroeck’s, our aim is for every student to achieve their potential.Our students very high expectations of themselves and are encouraged to be clear about their hopes and ambitions in conversation with their teachers. Each teacher monitors the academic progress of every student on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Small class sizes and excellent relationships mean teachers will engage with every student every lesson, whether that be in a one-to-one conversation, or by formative written feedback.

A team of talented teachers

d’Overbroeck’s is a small community in which teachers have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy teaching the subject they love to students who enjoy learning. Consequently, we attract and retain a committed, enthusiastic and talented team of teachers. They undergo regular training to ensure their teaching methods are challenged and inspired by national stimuli as well as by other teachers. We have several teacher-led working parties within the school that take charge of new initiatives to ensure we are engaged in current pedagogical developments and are regularly reviewing our practice to respond to the changing needs of our students.