Family boarding

Many students at d’Overbroeck’s, both from the UK and abroad, live with host families for all or part of the time they are studying with us. These families are carefully selected; we know how important where students live is to the overall experience of being at a school, particularly if they are studying a long way from home.

Our families all live within easy reach of school and provide a welcoming environment for our students. We are in regular communication with our host families, the student and student’s parents to ensure that their time is a happy and productive one.

As you would expect our families meet all of the safety and safeguarding regulations required by the government

The school readily fulfils its boarding aims in providing a positive experience helping students to develop a sense of confidence and individual responsibility in a safe and healthy environment. It ensures that students’ welfare and wellbeing needs are fully met.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Why choose a host family?

For some students the idea of a host family might be an unfamiliar option but the experience of our students is that it is a very positive and enjoyable one. In many cases students have kept in contact with their host families for many years after leaving the school.

The benefits of host family accommodation include:

  • It is a great way to experience and learn about British culture and for international students to develop their language skills even further. There is no better way to find out about different aspects of life in the UK than discussing the day’s events and news over dinner. Students may also have the opportunity to attend events or trips with their host family and, in some cases, host families attend school events to support the students who live with them.

  • Living with others in a smaller environment. Rather than being in a large boarding house, students in host families often with one ot two other d’Overbroeck’s students and this makes it easier for them to make friends.

  • Being in exactly the right environment for them. We have a number of different host families and we take great care to match the right student to the right host family. For example, we take into account each student’s dietary requests and whether they have any special requests, such as the need for a piano.

  • Pastoral support. Our host families are a great support to students. The families are in regular contact with the school and work with us to make sure their student enjoys their time with us and does well academically.

What if a student wants to change host family?

In the unlikely event a student wanted to move families, we will speak to the student to understand the reasons for this and if required we will find them a more suitable host family within seven days (whereas in the boarding house there is one term’s notice).