Boarding in the Sixth Form

Accommodation that provides a welcoming, safe and independent boarding experience

Sixth Form boarding options

Once your place in the Sixth Form is confirmed, a boarding house place can be reserved for the first year, or, if the host family option is chosen, we will provide detailed information on specific families and arrange visits where practical, so that you and your parents can make an informed choice. Please note, that although on enrolment, it is possible to express a preference for a single or a shared room but we cannot guarantee a particular house.

We have three Sixth Form boarding houses: Islip House, St. Aldates House and Westway. All three houses provide an excellent boarding experience. Most of our boarders in the Lower Sixth live in Islip House – literally across the road from 333 Banbury Road, our main Sixth Form site. St. Aldates House is located in the city centre and Westway is a short bus ride through the city centre.

Students can express a preference regarding which boarding house they would like to live in. We will attempt to meet their request but this may not always be possible e.g. due to the layout of houses and numbers of male/female beds.

When these students move in to the Upper Sixth the majority will choose a host family to live with.

For those students that wish to continue living in a boarding house in 2023-24 in the Upper Sixth there are, at present, only a very limited number of places available and so this cannot be guaranteed. However, it is our intention to offer boarding options for year 13 students in September 2023. We are committed to investing in boarding accommodation which complements the d’Overbroeck’s approach to education and adheres to the high-quality standards we set ourselves.

Host Family Boarding

We have a dedicated page linked below where you can find out lots more about Family Boarding, and why students often choose this as their preferred boarding option.

Some of the benefits of Family Boarding include:

  • Excellent pastoral support
  • Carefully matched home environments to suit the student’s needs
  • A chance to learn about British culture and improve English language skills
  • Likely to have a larger bedroom
  • A home cooked evening meal every day
  • No obligation to remain there
  • Same curfew rules
  • Very likely to have a friend
  • Most students able to remain in host family home during holidays

Ready to find out more about Family Boarding? Click the link below to visit the page and read more detail about Family Boarding benefits, testimonials, and an FAQ section provided by our Family Boarding Lead.

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