Rosie Hayes
Rosie Hayes
03 February, 2022

d’Overbroeck’s launches online learning platform 'Global Campus'!

We at d’Overbroeck’s are thrilled to announce the launch of Global Campus, Nord Anglia’s technology-enabled learning platform. Global Campus was implemented in January of this year, and is an online learning platform where students from schools around the world can learn and develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Children can learn with over 68,000 students and selected experts, through access to a wide variety of courses, information and challenges tailored to their age group.   Nord Anglia students have been using Global Campus online learning to further develop critical skills centred on problem-solving, creativity, well-being and global citizenship. Global Campus helps students explore the world, learn new skills and set their sights higher, developing a truly international perspective through outstanding online experiences.   Projects are available in every age group, making this a school-wide opportunity, so we encourage all students to get involved. Subject areas are based on the curriculum and include Arts, Literacy, Humanities, World Languages, Sport and Health, Science, Technology and Maths. Through Global Campus, d’Overbroeck’s students have access to one-of-a-kind learning activities from exclusive collaborations with MIT, UNICEF and Juilliard. There are a vast number of learning activities to inspire and engage young minds to discover more about the world around them – from global STEAM activities with MIT, to tackling UN Sustainable Development Goals. New projects are added frequently in various disciplines so that all students can find something they are passionate about.   Students can also work with peers their own age from the Nord Anglia family of schools, and get a better understanding of what school life and childhood are like in different countries. Global Campus draws on the best in educational technology to create a secure and engaging learning environment for students of all ages. Our teachers monitor students’ activities, ensuring safety whilst they connect with new friends on virtual projects. 

How does Global Campus support learning? 

In addition to supporting key curriculum areas, every Global Campus activity is designed to nurture key transferable skills which will benefit your child in their school career and later life. Global Campus extends your child's learning beyond the classroom and the school day. Your child can participate in a wide variety of activities designed by educational experts and teachers to broaden their knowledge.  The Global Campus is based on six principles to support your child's academic, social and personal success.
  1. Collaboration Global Campus encourages your child to work together in group activities that require problem-solving skills, creativity and effective collaboration. 
  2. Internationalism Nord Anglia encourages students to see themselves as active members in a global community. It exposes them to diverse perspectives while challenging them on their own assumptions. 
  3. Student Leadership The Global Campus gives the opportunity to lead groups of older and younger students in our online activities. 
  4. Extended Learning Global Campus activities supplement your child's academic curriculum, widening students' intellectual horizons through new experiences and engagement in areas of interest. 
  5. Independent Learning The various programmes offered on Global Campus empower students to direct their own learning, while strengthening their independence, motivation and creativity. 
  6. Expertise Development Students have the unique opportunity to work with selected experts, motivating them through insight into what it takes to become an expert in a particular field. 
Dr Elise Ecoff, Group Director of Education, Nord Anglia Education, said: "Education technology can be a powerful tool to enhance student learning and drive the development of critical skills from problem solving to creative thinking.” 
The Global Campus platform is an exciting addition to classroom learning, and with students around the world actively using the platform, we hope that more d’Overbroeck’s students will sign up for projects and continue to get involved.  To view the different projects available, see the Global Campus website