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27 November, 2019

Music, music and more music!

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It’s an especially musical time for us here at d’Overbroeck’s. Last week saw us continue our wonderful ‘spotlight series’, the mini concerts where we feature a different instrument each time – this instance being piano. It was a memorable production for two reasons; one being the quality of the performances and two, for bringing all three sections of our school together under the banner of music. The audience were impressed by the students’ confidence and fluency as their performances allowed us all to relax to jazz, classical music and even improvisation. Brilliant delivery by all, thank you. To see a programme of all of the pieces that were performed, please click here. Calling all actors/singers…. We are seeking a small group to make up a chorus of wedding guests for our upcoming opera, The Marriage of Figaro. Please see Richard, Rachel or Lianne for details. A fantastic opportunity for our students to experience the magic of opera first-hand. Winter Concert Also, don’t forget we have our Winter Concert tonight! There aren’t many tickets left, so please contact to secure your spot. D'Overbroeck's provides an ideal environment for musical education and runs and A-Level music programme.