15 Aug 2019

2019 A level results

Once again, we are celebrating another year of high achievement in our students’ A level results:

Across all A-Level subjects, 50% of grades were awarded at A*/A and, of these, 19% were A*.  In addition, 82% of the 51 students who submitted an EPQ were awarded an A* or A grade.

Principal Jonathan Cuff says, “Once again we have a large cohort of students achieving excellence in a multitude of different academic subjects. Whilst we will celebrate these results with our students today, and reflect on all their hard work, we will also take time to recognise those achievements that aren’t represented on exam results day; the musicians, sportsmen and women, artists and actors who have competed in national competitions, completed research projects or volunteered for extraordinarily selfless causes throughout the year.  In addition, the impressive grades many of our students have been awarded for their Extended Projects demonstrates just one of the ways in which we work with our students to help them develop skills beyond the curriculum.”

As I said to some prospective students and parents at Open Morning, when a rehearsal was going full-tilt in the Music Room, this opera production sums up what the Music Department, and in a broader sense d’Overbroeck’s, is all about: providing opportunities for all to excel, being utterly inclusive, stretching our amazingly talented students, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and positivity, and harnessing the enthusiasm of our students to achieve something truly special and memorable. That’s d’Overbroeck’s, right there. We should bottle it.

We were proud to work with such a dedicated and lovely cast, who gave not one but two mighty performances in one evening, and then came in to school the next day! This production, and the people in it, will take quite some bettering. Thanks also go to Sandy Mackenzie and Rose Poyser for playing so wonderfully in the band, to Lianne for directing, producing, writing the script, arranging the music and generally improving on Mozart and Da Ponte’s effort, to Rachel for preparing the singers, and to all who helped set up the stage and turn the hall into a world-class opera hall!

A few quotes from our audience:

“I reckon ‘Dare to Aspire’ should be Lianne’s motto! And what a brilliant way it is to go beyond what may seem possible; and to continue, year after year, opening new horizons for students, enabling them to reach for the best in themselves while also discovering music they may not otherwise have come across or thought remotely of interest. Figaro was a joy – from the vibrant, uplifting overture (was it really only three musicians?!) and all the way through.”

“What a wonderful evening we had at the opera last night!  It was hilarious and brilliant, all your performers were superstars and we felt thoroughly spoilt sipping champagne and being so beautifully entertained.”

“That was fantastic! Great casting too. Very good job.

How about Cosi next time?”

Richard Poyser, d’Overbroeck’s Director of Music

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