Living in Oxford

Living in Oxford is ideal for international students; with two universities and many schools, you will always be surrounded by other young people – both International and British.

It is of course one of the most famous cities in the UK – perhaps the world; a small, friendly, beautiful city, full of impressive buildings, green parks and fascinating libraries and museums.

What is there to do in Oxford?

Here are some of the things our students do in their free time with school friends:

  • Go swimming, ice-skating or bowling or take part in sports clubs
  • Visit one of Oxford’s famous museums or one of the many beautiful Colleges
  • Take part in city events such as St. Giles Fair, Bonfire Night or May Day celebrations
  • Enjoy a walk in the lovely parks and botanical gardens
  • Go to one of the cinemas or theatres to see a film or play
  • Sample food from cultures around the world in one of the many cafés or snack bars
  • Go to public talks or seminars organised by Oxford University
  • Organise ‘study buddy’ sessions in the excellent city library

We even run our own club, called ‘Discover Oxford’ with the specific aim of introducing students who chose this activity to everything Oxford has to offer.  We aim to make sure you have all the information you need to keep you busy – there is always plenty to do!

Of course if you are a fan of shopping, there are plenty of shops as well!

How do I get around Oxford?

Oxford is quite a small city and is famous for its bicycles, which many people – including students – use to get around. There are plenty of buses and you can buy a bus pass which allows you to travel as many times as you want within the city.  In most cases you will be able to walk – nothing is too far away.