St. Philip's House

Our accommodation at St. Philip’s is located in a traditional Old Priory, just outside the city of Oxford in the beautiful English countryside

St. Philip’s House is ideal for students looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. It’s located in the English countryside, away from the city centre and only 15 minutes’ bus ride from The International School.


  • Located in a lovely Old Priory, outside the city in beautiful countryside
  • 15 minutes by bus to the International School buildings at 111 Banbury Road (school bus provided)
  • 53 students
  • Most rooms are single and twin; all with shared bathroom facilities. One room of 4.
  • Separate girls and boys sides in the house
  • Communal facilities include common rooms, classrooms and large outside spaces
  • Study period Monday to Thursday evenings at 7pm
  • Students eat all meals at the school
  • Wi-fi access throughout the House
  • There is a school nurse in case anyone feels unwell
  • Set curfew appropriate for the student’s age Sunday to Thursday, an hour later on Friday & Saturday
  • Students cannot stay at any time outside the usual school term. Student guardians are required to make arrangements for these occasions


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