Sixth Form Admissions

Joining our Sixth Form

In addition to our own Year 11s, we welcome around 130 students from other schools to our Sixth Form each year. We would strongly encourage you to come and visit us as early as possible. Usually, you would come to an Open Event first and then follow this up with an individual visit on a school day – although we’re happy to arrange for you to do this the other way around.

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The application process

Our application process is designed to get to know you as an individual and for you to find out more about being part of the d'Overbroeck's community.

Open Events
Open Events offer you a way to hear about what many of our students and parents say is what makes d’Overbroeck’s special – its environment. They will talk of it having a “friendly, encouraging, unstuffy, family atmosphere” where we are ambitious and celebrate success but want the journey to be as interesting as the destination. We focus on the things that matter and there is a real sense of mutual respect between staff and students- to a degree you won’t find in many other schools.
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Individual visits
We would also very much encourage you to join us for an individual visit as this will give you the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with a senior member of staff and to discuss your desired programme of study in more detail. If you visit us in term term, this is also a fantastic way to gain a true flavour of what day-to-day life here is life.
Registration Form
If you would like to formally apply for a place in the Sixth Form, you'll need to complete our registration form. This is where you tell us about your predicted grades, you’ll give us a recent school report and write a 250 word personal statement about why you are interested in joining d’Overbroeck’s. This is your chance to tell us everything that’s important to you as we’ll refer to your registration form during your interview.
Once you’ve completed our registration form, we’ll arrange for you and your parents or guardians to come in and have an interview. This is a great chance for us to get to know you better, to discuss your possible subject options at A-Level, and for you to decide if d’Overbroeck’s is the right place for you to study at Sixth Form. Interviews are usual with Alasdair MacPherson our Head of Sixth Form.

Sixth Form fees

From September 2021
Initial Charges
  • Registration fee: £125
  • Acceptance fee (UK based): £1200
  • Acceptance fee (International & EU based): £4000
Tuition fees
  • Termly fee: £8300
Boarding fees (termly)
  • Boarding houses: £6800
  • Upper Sixth flats: £8200
  • Weekly boarding: £4500
  • Host families*: £4150
Other Charges
  • Lunch**: £330
  • Instrumental Music/Voice***: £36
  • EAL (English as an additional language****: £3750

Boarding fees are inclusive of breakfast and dinner

*Host families – prices range from £4150 – £4825

**Per term (equivalent to around £5 per day)

***35-minute session




d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form scholarships and awards are given to students who show outstanding achievement and potential. They should also be willing to make a significant contribution to the life of the school and its student community. The value of a Sixth Form scholarship or award will vary and is always at the discretion of the school, up to a maximum of 25% of tuition fees.

Be your best
This new award is to recognise exceptional talent and ability in whatever area a student may have demonstrated this. Rather than pre-determine where such achievement may have occurred we will considered students’ achievements in any area where they clearly “stand out”. Brilliant coders, environmental campaigners, wellbeing champions… whatever it might be if a student is a leader in their field for their age we are happy to consider your application. To apply “Be your Best” applicants will be asked to give a presentation outlining their achievements and what they can bring to the school. They will be interviewed based on this. They will sit a general paper and have a general interview as well.
Academic scholarships are offered to students who show outstanding academic potential and have evidence of excellent academic achievement to date. This includes the Mary Tarrell Science Scholarship which is offered to a student who has outstanding potential in one or more of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and who is intending to take at least two science subjects at A level.
At d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form, we have a dynamic and individual-centred approach to Art A level – one that emphasises flexibility and creativity. Although technique is a vital element of the course, we are above all interested in allowing you to develop your own artistic style and opinions – your own voice. The Art Scholarship is awarded to a student with an outstanding talent in the visual/fine arts supported by a strong portfolio of work. They must be intending to study Art as one of their A-Level subjects.
While the Drama A level at d’Overbroeck’s is rigorously academic, it is essentially practical and offers a unique approach to learning. It is an active and creative course which aims to nurture your enthusiasm for and interest in theatre, both as an audience member and as a participant. An April Darling Performing Arts Scholarship (Drama) will be awarded to student(s) who demonstrates excellent dramatic ability, showing achievement, commitment and enthusiasm. Candidates must be intending to study drama at A level. The holders of this scholarship will be expected to play an active and energetic role in school concerts and productions, extra-curricular activities and beyond. The April Darling Scholarship may be awarded to one student who shows outstanding talent in both Music and Drama.
This award is for a student, with an interest in and skill for Film or video making and/or Photography, who would like to play an active role in covering events at the school through these media. Their work would be used on the school website, social media channels and print. The student is likely to be interested in a career in film making or photography and we will support the development of this interest with input from our alumni and parental contacts as well as our staff. The award winner(s) will have a staff mentor to help foster their career.
This award is for a student with a flair for writing who would like to play a role in covering student events for our blog and social media accounts. The successful candidate is likely to be interested in journalism, writing or marketing as a career. We will support the development of this interest with input from our alumni and parental contacts in the media. The award winner will have a staff mentor to help foster their career and will be expected to produce articles/blogs for the school.
Whether we are listening to music, watching TV or playing computer games, music is everywhere. Some people really enjoy making music as singers or instrumentalists and some simply enjoy listening to it; however we use music, it plays a big part of our lives. A level Music offers students the chance to explore their love of music through a series of practical tasks and via academic enquiry. A Music scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates excellent musical achievement, commitment and enthusiasm. Candidates must be intending to study Music or Music Technology at A level. The holders of this scholarship will be expected to play an active and energetic role in school concerts and productions, extra-curricular activities and beyond.
We are looking for candidates who play and train to a high standard (such as a league or County player or equivalent) but who would also be a good ambassador for sport within the school. Our Sports scholar(s) would be expected to continue with their sport whilst with us whilst also helping promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy, active lifestyles. Our Sports Scholar(s) would usually be expected to study A-Level PE in the Sixth Form.​

Important Information

Examination entry fees

Examination entry fees will depend on the number of public examinations taken in each session.

Please note that additional fees may apply where special examination arrangements have to be made for a particular candidate:

Use of a word-processor – £20 per exam taken
Provision of a scribe / reader – £47 per exam taken

Overall, examination fees are usually around £400, depending on the number of exams taken.


Students may collect their recommended course books at the school on Induction Day. The charge for these will be added to the student’s bill.

Text Book charges vary depending on which subjects are taken but range between £5.99 and £30 per book and are usually invoiced on the Spring Term invoice. Typically the total cost is around £120.

Optional Insurance Cover

We offer optional insurance cover for domestic and international students through Endsleigh. The policy is designed to cater for the insurance needs of students studying in the UK on a trip arranged by d’Overbroeck's.

The policy provides cover including emergency medical assistance and medical costs, protection in the event of cancellation or curtailment, cover for loss, theft of or damage to baggage and personal money.

Full details are sent with the first term’s bill, and further copies may be obtained from the Bursary at any point.

Trips & Visits

These will vary depending on the nature of the trip. Parental consent will be sought in advance for chargeable trips. These trips may vary from a trip to a local event or conference costing around £30 to an optional overseas expedition costing £3,500.

Exceptional Arrangements

Exceptional arrangements such as supplementary one-to-one teaching, or teaching for a GCSE subject studied in the Sixth Form, will incur additional tuition fees. Supplementary one-to-one teaching that is arranged over and above the standard course is charged at £49 per hour. Arrangements of this kind are exceptional and, where such support is deemed necessary, it will always have been discussed and agreed in advance with parents.