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Flexible IGCSE programmes to suit you

At The International School, we offer a range of IGCSE and study abroad programmes for students from around the world. So you can find a programme that suits you.

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The International School fees

From September 2020
Initial Charges
  • Registration fee: £125
  • Acceptance fee (UK/EU based): £1200
  • Acceptance fee (non-UK/EU based): £4000
Tuition fees
  • Termly fee: pre-IGCSE: £9050
  • Termly fee: Two Year IGCSE: £9238
  • Termly fee: One Year IGCSE: £9850
  • Termly fee: 4 or 5 term IGCSE: £9850
  • Study Abroad fee: £9850
Boarding fees
  • Termly fee: £6000
Other Charges
  • Lunch*: £330
  • Instrumental Music/Voice**: £34

* Per term (equivalent to around £5 per day)
** 35 minute session

Friendship Ambassador Awards


Friendship Ambassadors are students who add to the life of the International School. They should enjoy meeting visiting families and representing their countries and the school.

They may have:

  • already had positions of responsibility at their school, or
  • taken part in competitions or awards abroad, or
  • taken part in community or charity work, or
  • have a particular skill or talent (e.g. in music or sport)


How to apply

All students need to do is show on the application form that they are interested in a Friendship Ambassador Award by ticking the relevant box on the application form. In their personal statement they should explain briefly what they can offer the school by telling us what they have achieved.

All applicants will be interviewed but the interview can be by Skype. In the interview we will ask students about why they think they would be a good ambassador for the school.

The Awards

These are generous awards from £1500 to £6000 a year are for the first year of a student’s time at d’Overbroeck’s International School. If you have students who are excited by the idea of studying in the UK and who want to play an active role in school life, this award could be for them.

Term Dates

  • Starts: Tue 03 Sep 2019
  • Half-term: Fri 18 Oct - Mon 28 Oct 2019
  • Ends: Fri 13 Dec 2019
  • Starts: Mon 06 Jan 2020
  • Half-term: Fri 14 Feb - Sun 31 May 2020
  • Ends: Fri o3 Apr 2020
  • Starts: Mon 27 Apr 2020
  • Half-term: Sat 23 May - Sun 31 May 2020
  • Ends: Fri 03 Jul 2020
Bank Holidays
  • Fri 08 May 2020*

*Changed date from 04 May due to the 75th Anniversary of VE day

Important Information

Examination entry fees

Examination entry fees will depend on the number of public examinations taken in each session.

Please note that additional fees may apply where special examination arrangements have to be made for a particular candidate:

Use of a word-processor – £20 per exam taken
Provision of a scribe / reader – £47 per exam taken

Overall, examination fees are usually around £400, depending on the number of exams taken.


Students may collect their recommended course books at the school on Induction Day. The charge for these will be added to the student’s bill.

Text Book charges vary depending on which subjects are taken but range between £5.99 and £30 per book and are usually invoiced on the Spring Term invoice. Typically the total cost is around £120.

Optional Insurance Cover

Fees refund scheme:
Parents may, if they choose to do so, participate in a Fees Refund Scheme administered by the school’s insurers, Marsh Ltd. The scheme provides for a pro-rata refund of fees in certain cases of absence due to illness. The cost for this is 0.75% of fees paid.

Personal accident insurance:
£13.38 per term – for cover up to £1,000,000

Personal Effects insurance:
£8.57 per term

Full details are sent with the first term’s bill, and further copies may be obtained from the Bursary at any point.

Trips & Visits

These will vary depending on the nature of the trip. Parental consent will be sought in advance for chargeable trips. These trips may vary from a trip to a local event or conference costing around £30 to an optional overseas expedition costing £3,500.

Exceptional Arrangements

Exceptional arrangements such as supplementary one-to-one teaching, or teaching for a GCSE subject studied in the Sixth Form, will incur additional tuition fees. Supplementary one-to-one teaching that is arranged over and above the standard course is charged at £49 per hour. Arrangements of this kind are exceptional and, where such support is deemed necessary, it will always have been discussed and agreed in advance with parents.