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At The International School, we offer a range of IGCSE and study abroad programmes for students from around the world. So you can find a programme that suits you.

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Friendship Ambassador Awards


Friendship Ambassadors are students who add to the life of the International School. They should enjoy meeting visiting families and representing their countries and the school.

They may have:

  • already had positions of responsibility at their school, or
  • taken part in competitions or awards abroad, or
  • taken part in community or charity work, or
  • have a particular skill or talent (e.g. in music or sport)


How to apply

All students need to do is show on the application form that they are interested in a Friendship Ambassador Award by ticking the relevant box on the application form. In their personal statement they should explain briefly what they can offer the school by telling us what they have achieved.

All applicants will be interviewed but the interview can be by Skype. In the interview we will ask students about why they think they would be a good ambassador for the school.

The Awards

These are generous awards from £1500 to £6000 a year are for the first year of a student’s time at d’Overbroeck’s International School. If you have students who are excited by the idea of studying in the UK and who want to play an active role in school life, this award could be for them.