Preparing our students effectively for their Sixth Form studies at d’Overbroeck’s.

Doverbroecks 6th form-452

entry requirements

English level Password score (or equivalent IELTS)
5.5 (for January entry)
6 (for April start)

Strong academic record to date

Termly Fees
Tuition £11,615 + boarding £6,975

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A course to:

  • build key study skills (eg analysis, evaluation, critical thinking, teamwork)
  • enable students to make informed choices for Sixth Form
  • provide an effective preparation for Sixth Form studies at d’Overbroeck’s

This course is non-examined although if students are ready and wish to take GCSE qualifications in English or Maths they can do.
Students will be based at the Sixth Form with the other Sixth Form students.
Each student will have a Director of Studies to support them throughout their time at the school.
A Course Director will oversee their programme.
d’Overbroeck’s will sponsor students for an 8 term CAS.

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Periods per week (1 hour approx.):

  • 10 x EAL (Academic English)
  • 2 x Maths (Maths literacy)
  • 2 x Advanced Maths or Art / Design
  • 2 x Science
  • 2 x Humanities / Social Sciences
  • 2 x Personal Development / Careers

Activities (with Sixth Form students)

+ Directed study: this will include project work, research and team work to further develop these key skills to support sixth form studies.

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Progression to Sixth Form in September is dependent on:

  • High attendance rates
  • Positive attitude and approach to learning in and out of the classroom
  • Appropriate progress in studies on course