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Enjoyment and variety are the best descriptions when explaining sporting life at d’Overbroeck’s Years 7-11. The sports department prides itself on encouraging all students, regardless of previous experiences, to enjoy participating in a multitude of sports throughout the year. The sports range from traditional team sports to more individual pursuits, such as trampolining, squash and badminton.

We endeavour to include all students in every sport, with lessons tailored to match every group’s abilities. All students participating in PE should feel a sense of fun and accomplishment at the end of every sports lesson. This is a fundamental aspect, we as a sports department, strive towards for all our lessons. With maximum enjoyment comes engagement and learning.

Students have a minimum of two sports lessons per week, one morning lesson and one longer afternoon lesson. They will participate in two separate sports every week, thus enabling a wider understanding of different sports. We also aim to change the majority of sports every half term to encourage greater variety.

We are able to utilise excellent specialist facilities throughout Oxford, which are specific to the requirements of every sport. Whether it is track and field, badminton, netball or handball courts, or a swimming pool and rugby / football pitches.

The school plays sporting fixtures against local Oxford Independent Schools and from further-a-field. We are proud to have representative teams in many sports, such as: football; netball; hockey; rugby union; cross-country running; cricket; swimming; softball and athletics.

In addition to sports being taught within our curriculum, we are able to offer a plethora of sports in our activities programme. Examples of which are: trampolining; archery; fitness (spinning / circuits / boxercise); judo; sculling; swimming lifesaving; and squash.
Sport at Years 7-11 | Secondary School | d'Overbroeck's-Image-50-50-d'Overbroeck's_Oxford_Marcc 2023_584


In Years 7-11, all our students follow the English National Curriculum, which is built around individual talents, passions, and ambitions.

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