Music is one of the busiest departments at d’Overbroeck’s: whether you are interested in pursuing the subject past Years 7 to 9, through GCSE to A level Music or A level Music Technology, whether you wish to take up or continue instrumental tuition, or whether you would just like to involve yourself in the annual school production, compose for fun, or play your instrument regularly in a group of like-minded people, we have something for you!
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Significant numbers of students at d’Overbroeck’s choose to enrich their school experience through enrolment in the voice and instrument programme. A range of classical orchestral and rock and jazz instruments as well as voice are catered for every week by our team of peripatetic instrumental teachers. Students may wish to prepare for external practical and theory exams, or learn to play an instrument for enjoyment. They may wish to extend this by joining one of our school Ensembles or vocal groups.

Instrumental and vocal pupils have the opportunity to perform at school concerts and events and to enjoy the professional facilities of the Jacqueline du Pré Music Room where we usually hold our annual Sixth Form Winter Concert.

d’Overbroeck’s boasts a range of concerts and musical events throughout the academic year. Most recently these have included Winter and Summer Concerts, the annual school theatre production and student recitals. We also host the Spring Concert and House Music Competition for our Years 7-9 students, which gives beginners the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and families and to compete for the House Music Trophy.
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All students at d’Overbroeck’s have access to a range of musical activities throughout the week.

For those who wish to play their instrument, there is a Junior Ensemble which caters for beginners and those with a little experience, whilst for the developing players the School Orchestra offers opportunities to play a wider and more challenging repertoire.

Rock groups meet regularly, either independently or with guidance from one of our peripatetic teachers.

We have an excellent Vocal Ensemble led by our singing teacher which includes students from Years 10 – 13. They tackle a range of music in many styles and are a highlight of our concerts. For younger students we have a pop choir which gives an opportunity to sing and perform in concerts and develop both their skills and their self-confidence.

Students wishing to extend their musical skills can opt for Music Technology Club (in the Sixth Form and in Years 7-11), or they may wish to study theory or keyboard skills, in which case the music staff run lunchtime activities to cater for the different options.
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In Years 7-11, all our students follow the English National Curriculum, which is built around individual talents, passions, and ambitions.

YEARS 7-11
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