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d'Overbroeck's Advisory Group

The d’Overbroeck’s Advisory Group works in an advisory capacity to support and guide the work and development of the school. It is there to support the Principal and senior management team through regular monitoring of the school’s educational provision and its plans to develop and enrich the scope and effectiveness of this provision in the future. Members:

David Brown (Chair)

Robin Fry

Julie Kilcoyne

Jonathan Cuff

Alastair Barnett

Georgina Paton

Peter Dawson

Morten Kringelbach

Sarah Shekleton


d’Overbroeck’s is a part of Oxford International Education Group. The registered proprietor is:

Oxford International Education Group
259 Greenwich High Road
London SE10 8NB

Tel: +44 (0)208 293 1188

The Chairman, Christopher Spanoudakis, may be contacted via the Bursar, Georgina Paton on 01865 688611 or georgina.paton@doverbroecks.com

d'Overbroeck's Board (Governing Body)

Chris Spanoudakis – Chair
Jonathan Cuff – Principal, d’Overbroeck’s
Lil Bremermann-Richard – Chief Executive, Oxford International
Tom de Clerck, – Finance Director, Oxford International
David Brown – Founder Oxford International