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At d’Overbroeck’s, teaching excellence and individual support inspire our students to be their best. Our holistic approach will ensure your child develops the skills to succeed in the future, too.
Patrick Horne
Principal, d'Overbroeck's
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unleashing your child's potential

Rated ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, our progressive approach to education carefully melds the highest academic standards with an emphasis on fun, student self-expression, and truly personalised learning.

Our exceptionally qualified teachers will build a great relationship with your child, nurture their talents, and stretch learning beyond what’s needed just to pass an exam. This means offering the right mix of challenge and support, and packing our world renowned English National Curriculum with experiences that engage and excite.

Happy, supported, and doing what they love, our students achieve outstanding success. We’re consistently ranked among the top 5% of UK schools for academic progress, with students far-exceeding their predicted GCSE and A-level grades. This opens doors to the futures of their choice, including places at the world’s top 100 universities.

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creating extraordinary futures

Our globally respected curricula – created by world-leading education experts – reimagines learning through six core pillars.
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Exceptional learning experiences
At d’Overbroeck’s, learning takes place everywhere, every day. Your child will grow in confidence on life-changing trips, hone their talents at co-curricular clubs, and express their creativity through collaborations with boundary-pushing organisations like MIT and The Juilliard School.
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Exceptional learning experiences

Every day, your child will feel energised and enthused to learn, as they immerse themselves in activities that showcase their skills, ignite new passions, and celebrate who they are. Enjoying experiences outside of the curriculum helps our students stand out on their university applications, too.

Exclusive collaborations with world-leading organisations like The Juilliard School and MIT make our school a truly unique place to learn. While MIT’s inventors teach our students how to use ‘design thinking’ to solve STEAM problems and challenges, Juilliard’s artists show them original ways to express their creativity through music, drama, and dance.

Our students’ confidence soars on expeditions that broaden their horizons. Whether it’s summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, embarking on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure in Switzerland, or monitoring the financial markets on Wall Street, New York, our trips instil a lifelong love of new discoveries. Your child will also take part in sports tournaments, science and maths Olympiads, and university essay writing competitions, putting their skills to the test on the international stage.

We also offer more than 50 co-curricular activities. From coding, knitting, and Lego to ice-hockey, polo, and tennis, our ever-changing collection of clubs has something for everybody. Crucially, these activities bring students together from across our three main sites, nurturing firm friendships, encouraging teamwork, and creating a strong sense of community.

For our boarders, evenings and weekends are made for fun. Students who live with us enjoy an action-packed schedule of activities, ranging from theme parks and zorbing to cultural trips into London and Bath.

To ensure your child feels safe, included, and can be their true self, we prioritise happiness and wellbeing in everything we do. Alongside a comprehensive personal, social, health, and economic (PSHE) programme, we make sure our students have the tools they need to build resilience, bounce-back from adversity, and look after their physical and mental health.

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Academic excellence
Success at d’Overbroeck’s is every student fulfilling their potential. Here, your child will enjoy an outstanding personalised education that embraces their unique skills, interests, and aspirations – and empowers them to excel academically.
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Academic excellence

At d’Overbroeck’s school in Oxford, there’s no limit to what your child can achieve.

Our progressive educational philosophy – delivered in a relaxed environment where everyone can be themselves – embraces the talents and goals that make each student unique. Here, we aren’t simply preparing your child for their next test; we’re helping them acquire the skills and lifelong love of learning they need to flourish in the future.

Whether they’re studying on our Years 7-11 campus, at The International School, or in our Sixth Form, your child will enjoy a bespoke education that’s designed only for them. This personalised approach is underpinned by our academically rigorous English National Curriculum. In Sixth Form, for example, students can choose from 36 A-level subjects, studied in any combination. They can also follow the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), where they’ll deep-dive into a topic they’re enthusiastic about.

Pursuing passions and learning in a way that works for them ensures every student fulfils their potential. We’re one of the top schools in the UK when it comes to academic progress, with learners consistently surpassing predicted grades at both GCSE and A-level. Our students’ hard work and determination is reflected in their final results too, with 66% of our A-level class of 2022 achieving A or A* – double the UK average.

Outstanding academic outcomes enable our graduates to shape their own futures. Many continue their education at the UK’s best universities, including University College London, Oxford, and the London School of Economics. With the expert guidance of our Higher Education and Careers Team, students with specialist talents – including in the performing and fine arts – discover their own pathways to excellence, too.

We’re incredibly proud of the holistic education we offer, which is rated ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

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World's best teachers
Our exceptional educators don’t just teach, they inspire. They’ll build a strong relationship with your child, help them discover their individual talents and passions, and ensure they’re engaged, energised, and excited to learn.
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World's best teachers

At d’Overbroeck’s, we believe in the transformative power of meaningful teacher-student partnerships. Committed to holistic growth, our dedicated teachers will develop a positive relationship with your child – based on mutual trust and respect – and empower them to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

Every single member of our teaching team is carefully chosen, based not only on their impressive qualifications and extensive experience, but also their values. This ensures their philosophy aligns with the d’Overbroeck’s school ethos of delivering excellence in an informal environment where learning is innovative, fun, and aspirational.

Experts in their field, many of our teachers are national and international examiners. Several have Master’s degrees or PhDs, too. We also attract subject specialists who have excelled in the industry they teach in. This breadth of experience guarantees our teachers are at the forefront of theoretical knowledge and real-world application, ensuring your child receives the highest quality instruction.

Really importantly, all our teachers are experts at personalising learning to individual strengths, skills, and ambitions. In small class sizes, your child will be stretched and supported at the right level, in the right subjects, and through the right teaching approach.

We set the highest standards, and continually invest in cutting-edge opportunities for our staff to learn and grow. On the award-winning Nord Anglia University platform, for example, our teachers share innovative ideas with trailblazers across the world, and study for hundreds of courses every year. Our performing arts and STEAM collaborations with The Juilliard School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also offer sector-leading professional development training.

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Advanced learning environments
Our city-based campus has three sites, which are dynamic environments that bring how and what our students learn to life. Situated in north Oxford – a thriving cultural and historical hub – our Years 7-11, The International School, and Sixth Form locations have everything your child needs to realise their potential.
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Advanced learning environments

d’Overbroeck’s school is a relaxed yet vibrant learning community with three main sites – Years 7-11, The International School, and our purpose-built Sixth Form – across the desirable north Oxford area.

Each of our locations is perfectly positioned to make the most of everything our city has to offer, including world-class museums, galleries, and theatres. Surrounded by magnificent architecture and university buildings straight out of a Harry Potter film, your child will feel inspired to take the next step in their educational journey, too. We’re also close to restaurants, cafés, and stunning parks, which give our boarders and Sixth Form students the freedom to explore.

At all three sites, specialist facilities, well-resourced classrooms, and vibrant creative spaces inspire our students to be their very best. Technology is integral to learning across the curriculum, too, and we’re proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School – one of only 78 in the UK and 600 globally. This highlights our commitment to immersive, tech-enriched experiences, which develop the digital skills our students need for the future.

Our school also boasts a contemporary Arts Centre. With state-of-the-art facilities that compare to those found in top artistic institutions, it’s the perfect setting for our students to express their creativity. Our extensive performing arts programme – enriched by our collaboration with The Juilliard School – is housed in a multi-purpose, 200-seat performance space, which is complemented by a music suite and recording studio.

Aspiring athletes thrive here, too, thanks to our affiliation with the University of Oxford. This gives them access to world-class sporting facilities, including the prestigious University of Oxford Sport Centre. They’re spaces where talents shine bright, as students have fun, train, compete, and develop a host of lifelong skills. 

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Our social purpose
Our students are the next generation of changemakers. Empowered by our open-minded and outward-looking community, your child will take the lead and support the causes that matter to them, developing a host of lifelong skills in the process.
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 Our social purpose

Whether it’s taking on a leadership role in school, fundraising for charities, or seeking solutions to pressing global issues, our students make a positive difference every single day.

In school, our Student Council shapes how we do things as a community and gives their peers a voice. This includes influencing key decisions, from the type of co-curricular activities on offer to the charitable causes we support. Taking risks and tackling challenges head-on, our young leaders work as a team, solve complex issues, and communicate effectively.

Each year, our Sixth Form students establish groups that focus on the issues that matter to them, too. These include creating a safe space to discuss gender and sexuality, as well as setting up a club dedicated to environmental issues.

Locally, your child will form meaningful community connections through relationships with several charities. In Sixth Form, these activities are led entirely by our students. From collecting essential supplies for a neighbouring foodbank to organising a book drive for a children’s charity, our students use their skills, determination, and creativity to effect tangible change.

Your child will also learn about the wider challenges facing our planet. One of the ways they’ll do this is through our Model United Nations club. Debating topics of global importance, our students learn to listen and articulate themselves with confidence, as well as gaining fresh perspectives on the world.

You’ll also find our students taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, tackling social impact projects on our Global Campus digital platform, and supporting communities as far afield as Sierra Leone. 

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The d'Overbroeck's family 
Everyone belongs at d’Overbroeck’s. In a community that’s like a family, we embrace individuality and provide a safe yet stimulating environment where every student can be themselves. We’re also part of the Nord Anglia Education group, making the most of experiences and connections across the globe. 
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The Nord Anglia Education family 

We’re incredibly proud of the extraordinary atmosphere we’ve created at our school. Celebrated by current and former students, our families, and the Independent School Inspectorate, our progressive, relaxed, and open-minded environment is unlike any other.

Learning and living here, your child can be their true self. Mutual respect, fun, and laughter are at the heart of everything we do, and we encourage our students to express themselves. We embrace informality, too; students and teachers call one another by their first names, and our casual uniform shuns stuffiness for comfort and individuality.

The International School and Sixth Form is also home to students from more than 40 countries. This fosters a rich atmosphere of diversity and cultural vibrancy, as well as nurturing global connections. Together, we enjoy traditional celebrations and come together to embrace our similarities and differences.

Our House system creates a strong sense of community across Years 7-11 and The International School, too. As well as providing a robust support system through the age groups, regular House events encourage collaboration and friendly competition.

It's not just our students who love being part of the d’Overbroeck’s school community; our parents do, too. We’ll welcome you with open arms, connecting you with current families through our parent portal, which is a safe space to find the information you need and create lasting friendships. Our open-door policy will also give you easy access to your child’s teachers and our leadership team. You’ll be invited into school for regular concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions, too. 

an extended family, a second home

Boarding at d’Overbroeck’s is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Alongside the exceptional academic education your child will receive, living with us means friendships, exciting activities, and unique learning experiences are available every single day.

Our safe and supportive boarding environment is a place where every young person receives the care and attention they need to flourish, too. Open to students at The International School and in our Sixth Form, our seven boarding houses have 24/7 security, comfortable bedrooms, and relaxing shared spaces.

Boarding at d'Overbroeck's
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We’re delighted you’re considering d’Overbroeck’s for your child’s education. Your journey starts with our friendly admissions team, who will get to know your family and support your move to our school.
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Your child will enjoy an outstanding personalised education that embraces their unique skills, interests, and ambitions, inspiring them to excel academically.