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A word from Ted McGrath, Head of The International School

d’Overbroeck’s International School welcomes students from over 40 countries around the world and enables them to take their first steps into the British education system. Our academic programmes are carefully designed for international students, with a particular focus on enquiry-based learning and English as an Additional Language. However, we are also committed to supporting our students pastorally, and our expertly designed pastoral care includes pre-arrival preparations, an induction programme to the daily timetable, and ongoing support.

We offer an environment that is academically challenging, but also a
home away from home where students can feel safe and supported. Individual talents are nurtured and championed so that students here can grow as confident, caring individuals, developing the skills and character needed in the fast-changing international world.

We also give students access to trips and activities incorporating a diverse range of British cultural locations, and they regularly join our UK students in whole school learning opportunities. Through an education here students not only achieve impressive GCSE and IGCSE results but also develop the necessary skills required to succeed in Sixth Form and at university.

Why choose d'Overbroeck's International School?

The International School enables international students aged 13-16 to experience the British education system and study a range of academic programmes. Students come from all over the world to study with us in our vibrant and friendly school. Our focus on English as an Additional Language, co-curricular activities, academic enrichment including our TRACK (Theory of Research, Active Citizenship and Knowledge) academic enrichment, and the Sixth Form and University Progression are just some of the benefits available to international students who join us.

Students will receive expert Pastoral Care throughout their time with us, which includes pre-arrival preparations, an induction programme, a personal development curriculum, ongoing school counsellors’ support, and more from a large team dedicated to students’ wellbeing. International students will be warmly welcomed and have plenty of opportunities to mix with students in other parts of the school through activities that interest them. Trips and excursions relating to English heritage are also on offer, allowing students to learn more about British culture and history.

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“I really like the way of teaching here as there is more focus on individuals rather than teaching everyone in the same way. I started studying here in Year 10 and my grades have improved a lot since I joined.”

Nikol, Kazakhstan

Latest IGCSE results

We’re really proud of the results our students achieve when they study with us at The International School. Our results are well above the national average, which is a testament to our wide range of staff expertise and the excellent teaching we deliver.

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IGCSE courses

We know it doesn’t always suit everyone to study the traditional 2-year IGCSE course that most of our students study. So we’ve made sure we’re as flexible as possible to meet your needs by offering 4 other study options at IGCSE level. Find out more about our full range of courses below:

  • UK Study Abroad
  • The Discovery Years
  • 4 or 5-term IGCSE
  • One-Year IGCSE
  • Two-Year IGCSE
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Find out more about life at The International School

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International Summer School

d’Overbroeck’s have run a popular summer programme for international students for many years in partnership with Bucksmore Education. The Bucksmore Young Professionals course is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the new d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form and boarding facilities. It is also ideal for students wanting to experience life at d’Overbroeck’s and in Oxford before studying at the school full time.

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It is really remarkable to have 50% of the students attaining a gold award and this far higher than the national average. We are incredibly proud of all who entered 👏🏻

25 out of 50 students who entered received gold (50%!), 12 received silver and eight achieved bronze. The top 3 students have qualified for the prestigious Maclaurin round, to be held shortly.

🧵d'Overbroeck's International School students just smashed their previous best result of 18 by getting 25 golds in the Intermediate Maths Challenge! @UKMathsTrust

Our students at the Sixth Form studying A-Level History of #Art recently experienced a trip to Venice. From Byzantine architecture to mosaics, Venice is an Italian gem packed with history.

Read students' feedback on the trip here:


Our students at the Sixth Form studying A-Level History of Art recently experienced a trip to Venice. From Byzantine architecture to mosaics, Venice is an Italian gem packed with history.

Read students' feedback on the trip here:

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