Fizza Hussain

Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Fizza studied at Reading University before completing her PGCE in English and Drama at Oxford. She trained at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, under the mastery and pedagogy of Philippe Gaulier himself, where she then became a movement and acting teacher. She has additional skills in mime, masks and  Commedia dell’Arte. Fizza has been a former Head of Drama at a variety of Independent and Comprehensive schools. She lived and worked in Paris for over 6 years before joining d’Overbroeck’s. In addition to teaching Drama, she has been an examiner and moderator for Drama and has extensive experience of teaching and coaching actors and directing and devising plays for performance in the UK and France. She pioneered the Oxford–Grenoble Youth Theatre link and led many Sixth Form groups to perform at the festival.

Beyond Drama Teaching, Fizza is also passionate about Coaching. She is qualified in three dynamic modalities: RMT Strategic Intervention Coaching; Jack Canfield coaching and NLP with Richard Bandler. She is also an experienced Programme Director, leading the academic and pastoral aspects for the 19+ Summer Programme, based at Oxford University. Fizza also leads the Lower 6 Personal Development Programme.