Beyond the classroom

A busy and varied school environment

In recent years, our Years 7-11 School has received local and national acclaim for its performance in public speaking and debating, for our students’ involvement in the Oxford Youth Parliament, for the performance of individuals in horse-riding competitions, for our charitable fund-raising efforts, and much more! Within the walls of our School, we have a whole host of clubs and societies which change regularly to suit the changing needs of our students.

No two year groups are the same, either as each other or even as they were the year before, and our staff respond quickly to the interests and potential they identify in each group in order to ensure a wide-ranging array of appealing extra-curricular options. What these will always have in common is a desire to nurture crucial characteristics and skills that students need to enter their future with confidence, curiosity and excitement!


Drama at d’Overbroeck’s is about much more than learning lines and performing: it is also about unleashing students’ dramatic creativity. We encourage this by exposing students to many different styles and genres of drama, both scripted and improvised, from mask work to puppetry. We give them considerable ownership of their creative pieces and support them in taking creative and intellectual risks.

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Music is one of the busiest departments at d’Overbroeck’s: whether you are interested in pursuing the subject past Years 7 to 9, through GCSE to A level Music or A level Music Technology, whether you wish to take up or continue instrumental tuition, or whether you would just like to involve yourself in the annual school production, compose for fun, or play your instrument regularly in a group of like-minded people, we have something for you!

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Sport and activities

Our Years 7-11 students have the opportunity to get involved in a range of sports clubs and activities. We host an annual sports day in the Summer where they have the chance to compete in a range of athletic sports.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Taking the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award at d’Overbroeck’s is a fantastic way for adventurous students to develop through activities and service in the community. Moreover, it is flexible in what students can choose for the volunteering, skills, and physical components, giving them the opportunity to express their individuality. We use an expedition company to ensure all activities are safe, and the DofE is a worthwhile addition to students’ CVs and university applications. All three school sites take part in this fantastic award scheme.

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