Nita Goriely

Teacher of Mathematics and Head of d'Overbroeck's Plus and Oxbridge programmes

Nita received an AB, 2 MS degrees and a PhD from various universities in the USA, each in some form of mathematics. For (m>>n) years, she combined teaching undergraduate courses with research in applied mathematics and mathematical physiology. She has ((n-1)^(n-1)) diplomas in mathematics, wrote (n) theses, (n! + 1) peer-reviewed papers and has an Erdos number of (n+1). She relocated to the UK in (670n-1) and has been working at d’Overbroeck’s since (670n) where she is Director of Studies, maths teacher, Head of the d’Overbroeck’s Plus and Oxbridge Programmes, and co-runs the maths Plus group. Over the last few years, she has worked alongside Simon to develop the school’s academic enrichment programme to help spread the message that thinking critically and developing intellectual curiosity are both interesting and fun.

Nita particularly enjoys long walks off the grid with her family; her greatest joy is in raising and spending time with her (n) children all of whose names begin with the (n^n – 1)th letter of the alphabet.