Different sites, one school

Find out more about the various school-wide opportunities available to students

While d’Overbroeck’s is a multi-site school comprised of Years 7-11, Sixth Form, and The International School, we are still one school, meaning that students attending any site will have opportunities to participate in cross-site and whole-school activities.  

There is an abundance of opportunities available at every site, but we also value giving students opportunities to mix with peers from different sites. Students who are accepted to d’Overbroeck’s will find a warm and welcoming environment at each site, and indeed the whole school, so this page will showcase some of the ways that students can get involved beyond their own school site, should they choose.  

You can find out more about whole-school opportunities when you contact us or apply.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Taking the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award at d’Overbroeck’s is a fantastic way for adventurous students to develop through activities and service in the community. Moreover, it is flexible in what students can choose for the volunteering, skills, and physical components, giving them the opportunity to express their individuality. We use an expedition company to ensure all activities are safe, and the DofE is a worthwhile addition to students’ CVs and university applications. All three school sites take part in this fantastic award scheme.

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The Arts Centre

We opened our brand new d’Overbroeck’s Arts Centre in 2021, and it is complete with state-of-the art facilities to give students the freedom to develop their own artistic styles and interests

Students at The International School and Sixth Form are able to use our Arts Centre, which is located just 10 minutes’ walk from the Sixth Form centre in Summertown, a creative suburb of Oxford that is close to world-famous galleries and museums.

The dedicated studios and workshops include spaces for textiles, photography, fine art, ceramics, and 3D art – all with specialist support from our art teachers and technicians.

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Music opportunities

Even if you are not taking a Music subject at A-Level, you may wish to take up or continue instrumental tuition, involve yourself in the annual school production, compose for fun, or play your instrument regularly in a group.

Whether you are a Grade 8 violinist wanting to play in an orchestra, a guitarist looking for a band, or simply want to have a go singing in a choir for the first time, our Music department is open to everyone at d’Overbroeck’s.

Some opportunities include:

  • Ensembles
  • Peripatetic lessons
  • Concerts
  • Trips and partnerships
  • Preparation for music courses
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Drama opportunities

We encourage and support all students who are interested in the performing arts to get involved in our various Drama opportunities.

Every year we produce a whole-school performance that all students from Years 7-13 can get involved in.

Other opportunities include theatre trips and workshops, and preparation for drama courses.

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Model United Nations

We also offer Model United Nations.

The Model United Nations (MUN) runs as a club every Thursday at d’Overbroeck’s and is a chance for students to understand how the United Nations works by researching and debating some of the biggest challenges in the world today. Students can familiarise themselves with global politics and international affairs by roleplaying as national representatives or ambassadors in meetings, just like the real thing, and gain knowledge, understanding, and empathy by interacting with their peers and adopting different viewpoints.

Some of the key skills gained by students include speech writing, public speaking and conflict resolution, as well as teamwork and collaboration. As part of the Nord Anglia family of schools, we become part of the UNICEF collaboration for Social Impact. The MUN is a prime example of an activity which helps students to understand their role in the world.

Students from all three d’Overbroeck’s sites (The International SchoolYears 7-11, and Sixth Form) gather, discuss and prepare for conferences.

Physical Activities

Some other co-curricular physical activities that are cross-site include:

  • Dance
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Spinning
  • Boxercise
  • Athletics
  • Polo
  • Badminton
  • Tennis

Plenty of opportunities for students across our sites to mix with each other.

Global Campus

All students can access the Global Campus platform and undertake exciting, collaborative projects. Global Campus is Nord Anglia’s technology-enabled learning platform and was implemented at d’Overbroeck’s in January 2022. It is an online learning platform where students from schools around the world can learn and develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

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