School ethos & values

We are often asked “What makes d’Overbroeck’s different from other schools?”. The answer lies in our shared values and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere, where the individual is key and laughter is an essential part of everyday life.

School ethos

Our ethos is firmly built on personal relationships, on a relative lack of stuffiness and formal hierarchies, and on a strong belief that every individual is at the heart of the school. At the same time, our approach is distinctly collaborative. We believe in leading by example, in a healthy dose of flexibility and in the power of laughter and humanity. ‘Enthusiasm’, ‘maturity’ and ‘courtesy’ are words that visitors to the school frequently use to describe us.

We provide an environment which gives both staff and students the space to be themselves as well as the encouragement and stimulus to grow, to learn, to engage with complexity and to achieve their goals. And they’ll also have time for friendship, laughter and living life to the full.

I came to study at d'Overbroeck's because I wanted more independence. It felt like the vibe was more one of mutual respect and working together between teachers and students, which was a better fit for me than other schools.

Abbie, Upper Sixth

Our core values

A focus on the individual
A focus on the individual lies at the heart of our ethos and all we do. We don't believe in a 'one-size fits all' approach; instead, we get to know each and every one of our students as individuals so we can support and develop them, whatever stage they're at in their education journey. We offer excellent pastoral care to support our students right the way through school and the next stage of their journey.
Be your best
Whilst we don't take ourselves too seriously when it comes to formal structures, our results are no laughing matter. We have continued to see our students make excellent progress during the past few years, resulting in d’Overbroeck’s being ranked as the best school in Oxfordshire for the 3rd year running in 2019. Last year, over 50% of A-Level entries were awarded an A* or A.
Our academic curriculum and co-curricular activities are designed with a view to creating leaders of the future. Our students have a diverse range of talents, skills and interests so we provide a broad set of opportunities for them to develop these during their time with us and prepare for the next step of their academic journey. We also regularly provide opportunities for our students to develop their transferable skills to ensure they're ready for the ever-changing and fast-paced world of work. 
Fun and laughter bring education to life
We believe that fun and laughter bring education to life and we strive to bring this into the classroom every day. Our students thrive on this approach and it makes for a very enjoyable learning experience for all; teachers included! 
At d'Overbroeck's, it's not about stuffy traditions, strict uniforms or sticking to the status quo. It's about making room for creativity and expression, which we do by removing the formal, traditional strictures of education that can be stifling. In practice, this means we're on first-name terms with all our students and we don’t have a uniform in the Sixth Form.

What's on at d'Overbroeck's